To contact MSART for a Search: In Monroe County call 911. If calling from outside Monroe County call: (585) 528-2222

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Tim Groth K-9 training

K-9 Resources

MSART maintains multiple operational K9 units (dog and handler) and some dogs in-training. K9 units are capable of operating in land, water, snow, and building environments. Most K9s are trained for live find and/or recovery operations.

It takes approximately two to three years to train a dog to operational status in Search and Rescue. Using their highly developed sense of smell, these dogs are trained to locate the scent of humans as the scent is conveyed in the air (airscent) or on a foot path (trailing).

The team coordinates at least two team K9 trainings per month, along with some classroom work. Handlers also schedule at least one informal training per week in smaller groups.  All K9 units must pass a series of team certifications and also state and/or nationally sanctioned certification tests (e.g. IPWDA, NAPWDA, NASAR, FEMA), as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.  

In order to train a canine with MSART, an individual must first qualify as a searcher, which may take up to a year to achieve. 

K-9 Profiles



Handler: Kathryn Bamford

K9 Certs: IPWDA Land HRD, IPWDA Crime Scene HRD



Handler: Tim Groth

In Training: Airscent