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MSART is looking for dedicated men and women age 18 and older to join our team of SAR professionals

MSART Recruitment Meeting
Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9 AM - 1 PM
Public Safety Training Facility
1190 Scottsville Rd., Rochester, New York 14624

UPDATE: MSART will be hosting a SAR Academy at a future date Winter/Spring 2018. There will be both classroom and field sessions.  Classes will be on Monday nights 7-9:30, and field work will be on three Saturdays TBD.  Attendance is mandatory for all training sessions.  Positions for this academy are limited and require approval of Application.

Please go to our Contact Us page and send us an email to obtain more information and an application.  Applications are accepted at our team meetings which are held the third Wednesday of each month from 7-9 pm at the Public Safety Training Facility, 1190 Scottsville Road.  Come to our meeting and learn more about our team!

If you love the outdoors, are mentally and physically prepared for being outside, day and night, in all types of weather and terrain, do not mind getting paged at 2 am to get up and drive several hours to search incidents all over the state, are available to leave work and family while responding to search call-outs, are willing to pay out of your own pocket for basic survival and search gear, provide for your travel to and from training and searches, and want to provide professional SAR services to your community, then Search & Rescue may be for you!  Learn more by checking out an excellent article How to Join a Search & Rescue Team.

Many individuals are interested in becoming K9 SAR Handlers.  Prospective K9 handlers need to reach Searcher Status prior to starting a dog in training. Attaining Searcher status takes about one year to accomplish. As new members are working toward fulfilling these requirements, it is highly recommended that they attend as many K9 trainings as possible. The K9 handlers train during the month in addition to attending the monthly scheduled team training. We encourage prospective K9 handlers to learn basic SAR skills, demonstrate their dedication to the team, and learn about K9 SAR through observation of the team's operational K9 units.  New members may then consider getting a dog that has all the characteristics needed for search work. Training a K9 for SAR typically takes 2 years and a time commitment of 8-10 hours of training per week.  Visit K-9 Services to learn more.



Applicants are voted to membership by the Board of Directors after they have completed the requirements listed below.  Membership is contingent upon having a clear NCIC background check.


  1. Complete Application and bring to meeting or mail to team
  2. Attend three (3) team meetings
  3. Attend three (3) team trainings
  4. Submit NCIC Background Check

*Note: Operational status will be dependent on skills evaluations which may or may not include completion of our SAR academy.